July 7, 2004 by Tim

So up until this afternoon I had assumed that when the book arrived, my apartment would be full of boxes. They are finally here, and I realize I was mistaken. My apartment is fucking made of boxes. I don’t know where my apartment went. I live in a giant cardboard box.


I did, at least, have the foresight to leave myself a narrow pathway from my bed to the bathroom. However, I seem to have blocked myself off from the kitchen. Damnit.

But the books are here. I just spent the last two hours carrying sixty-six 35lb boxes inside, up a flight of stairs, and into my apartment. I’m in pretty good shape, but it was still a hell of a workout.

Anyway, the books should start shipping as early as tomorrow. As I mentioned before, please, please, please do not start emailing me with “where is my book? where is my book?”. This is going to be a relatively slow process.

Let me lay down some statistics for you. The pre-order phase lasted two weeks, from May 31st to June 14th. If you ordered at the beginning of that phase, your books will be among the first shipped. If you ordered at the end of that phase, they will be among the last shipped.

Domestic orders will hopefully only take 3-5 days from when they ship. International orders may take over a week.

Please be patient. I am going to be working in shipping these books every single day until they are all shipped. But keep in mind that I also have to keep up on the comic strip, and get ready for the convetions that are right around the corner.

Patience is the key word here. Most of you will have your books before the month is over. I will keep you updated on how the shipping is going. Everyone who ordered and paid for a book, will get a book.

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