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January 18, 2010 by Tim

Every year I get a lot of questions about Digital Overload, so I thought I’d try and answer some of those again for people just hearing about DO for the first time.

What is Digital Overload?

Digital Overload is, at it’s core, a giant LAN party. A huge convention hall packed to the brim with video games and gamers, for a weekend of fun and tournaments with hundreds of your closest (soon to be) friends. While Digital Overload was initially conceived as a BYOC (bring your own computer) LAN party, and that aspect still accounts for a very large percentage of of the event, it’s grown over the past five years to encompass a very large game console and tabletop gaming section. The event also features additional activities, such as Sumo Wrestling, an event-wide Assassination game played with life cards and foam daggers, and more. There’s something for everyone at Digital Overload.

What are the different badge types?

The top-tier pass, the Gamer badge, allows total access at the event. With this badge you are guaranteed a seat in the BYOC section to set up your computer, as well as the option to set up a console and television in the console area. Your major equipment is logged for security, so that only you are able to enter and exit with your gear. You may participate in all contests, tournaments and prize giveaways, be they BYOC, console or tabletop related.

We also offer a Tabletop badge, for those gamers that just wish to participate in board games (we have a large selection on hand), card games (like Poker or Magic) or wargames (like 40k and Warmachine). You can enter with your gaming supplies such as cards, miniatures, terrain, etc, and set up on the Tabletop section of the event. You may participate in prize giveaways and contests, and also in any Tabletop tournament. You are not permitted to participate in BYOC or Console tournaments, nor are you allowed to enter or exit with any computer or console equipment.

Finally, we offer a Spectator badge, which is essentially the “come in and hang out” badge. Spectators are allowed to join their gaming friends at the event, but are not allowed to enter or exit the premises with any backpacks, large bags or other belongings. Spectators cannot participate in any raffles/contests or tournaments.

All passes include all three days of the event.

Do I have to bring my computer/game console?

This is largely a BYOC event, meaning that we provide the space, power and networking, and you bring your gear. If you don’t bring a computer, do not expect to play computer games (unless a friend lets you on his). However, the console area ends up being a very social gathering center at the event, and the atmosphere is very friendly. If you come just to hang out, chances are there will be someone who will invite you to join them for some gaming.

What are the event hours?

Currently our schedule is as follows:

Friday- 6pm to 1am.

Saturday 9am to 1am.

Sunday 9am to 6pm.

Your badge allows you to come and go as you please during event hours. The convention center is attached to the Providence Place mall, with a number of great restaurants, shops, and an IMAX movie theater.

So… now that I’ve told you the basics, I’m excited to announce the first of our official tournaments for 2010! We will continue announcing tournaments all week, followed by a tentative schedule of events and then tournament sign-ups. Please bear in mind that tournament sign-ups are limited, and only available to paid badge holders online. Slots fill up fast, so make sure you’ve paid for your badge!

And remember to check back on Wednesday and Friday to find out the rest of the tournaments!


Left 4 Dead 2 Scavenge, 4v4

Maximum Participants: 16 teams

Teams of four will face off in three-round single elimination matches.

Servers will be running the CEVO tournament modification to allow spectators.


Sponsored by Harmonix!

Rock Band 2: Battle of the Bands

Maximum Participants: 16 teams of 3-4 players.

Bands will be scored by a panel of judges based on the following criteria:

  • Appearance: Each member of the band can earn up to 25 points for their team based on their costume and props. The more you look like a rock star, the higher you score, up to a total of 100 points for the team.

  • Performance:  Worth up to 400 points (100 points for each band member), the performance category rates your stage presence and audience engagement. Rock out for a higher score!

  • Technicality:  Each band will play two songs (one chosen by the band, one randomly chosen). Each band member’s percentage of notes hit will be averaged into a numerical score ( example: 86% and 98% = 92/100 points). 400 possible points.

  • Bonuses:  The guitarist, bassist and drummer can earn bonus points based on their difficulty level. Easy = 0pt, Medium = 10pt, Hard = 15pt, Expert = 25pt. There is also a 25pt bonus for band interaction and teamwork.


Magic: The Gathering Sanctioned Tournament Overload!

Digital Overload will be hosting M:TG tournaments and drafts all weekend in our expanded table-top gaming area! Entry fees apply. Please check this thread for the full lineup of M:TG events at Digital Overload 2010!

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