November 12, 2007 by Tim

I’m just going to go ahead and throw this up here for the edification of any who didn’t know, and also to hopefully stem the tide of emails I know I’m going to receive on the subject. Altair is missing a finger on his left hand to accommodate the wrist blade he uses. However CAD characters only have four fingers, and it looked a little bizarre with the middle one removed, so I just decided to ignore that particular character detail. And I didn’t see the point in drawing five-fingered characters one time out of over a thousand comics just to then remove one back down to four when it’s really not that important for the sake of the comic.

I do think that that detail is a pretty cool feature of the character, so I wasn’t trying to “diss” on Altair by omitting it, I promise.

Also, bonus points to those who get what the “creed” is a reference to.

I’ve weaned myself off painkillers, and I started back to work yesterday after a nice little vacation. I’m eating regular foods, and there’s no real pain in the gaping sockets where my wisdom teeth used to be, so that little adventure is behind me.

I did start doing some comics in advance again (two yesterday, two today), not because I’m having surgery again, but because… well, we all know what happens tomorrow.

I’ve given it some thought, and I think I’ve worked out a game-plan for when Assassin’s Creed, Kane and Lynch, Soldier of Fortune, and the EQ2 expansion all arrive at the same time.

Kane and Lynch gets first attention with Fragile Alliance. I’m going to jump online and see if anyone is playing, and how it is. I’ve seen the video footage, I’m just really dying to see how the mode measure up in actual play.

Then definitely some Assassin’s Creed, followed by a short bit of Soldier of Fortune just to giggle at all the blood and gore, but then it will probably be stuck on the shelf for a rainy day. Then back to Kane and Lynch and Assassin’s Creed in an alternating back and forth sort of thing. You see, by planning ahead I can maximize limited gaming time. Or something like that.

The Everquest 2 expansion will just wait a day or so. I don’t have a level 70 character, so I’m not involved in the mad rush to level 80, and I’m not starting a Sarnak character, so I don’t need to get on and elbow out all the other Sarnak newbies for those level 1 giant rats. I’ll just mosey my little Defiler on down later and check things out.

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