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November 21, 2003 by Tim

Well, I finally got around to writing up the convention report for my trip to Nekocon a couple of weeks ago. There may be spelling errors and the like.. it was 2am when I wrote it, and I haven’t proof-read it. You can read it here.

We’re currently being sponsored by FuitadNET hosting. They have some really good plans, and I know quite a few people who host with them, so if you’re looking for some webspace, I reccomend checking them out.

Also, here is a preview of the wallpaper that the November CAD Exlusives! members will be receiving at the end of the month.

November Wallpaper

It’s Raziel from the Soul Reaver series. He’s a pretty badass character, and I’ve never drawn him before this. I think it came out rather well. Full size looks super spiffy.

Donators will also receive a bonus comic, and be entered into a drawing to win free signed posters and stuff!

I’ll be starting work on a poster design soon, which hopefully enough people will be interested in that it will be worth being printed at full size (17×24). I’ll hold a poll as soon as I have the image finished.

Also, you have until Friday the 28th to order Apparel from the store if you want it to be delivered before Christmas. If you order after that date, I gaurantee nothing.

And while we’re discussing shirts, I would like to take this opportunity to remind those of you that have been emailing me that you are not ordering from some large corporation here, with a shipping and receiving department, and order processors and a warehouse full of stock readily available. It’s just me, one cartoonist, trying to make a living. And as such, it may take two to four weeks for your shirts to arrive, depending entirely on availability. I’m not rich, and therefore I cannot afford to tie up thousands of dollars in stock. I keep what extra I can available here at the house, but if you order a size/color that I don’t have, then it has to be ordered from my distributor, which means I have to get it from him before you can get it from me.

With that said, if you ordered before November 1st, and still have not received your order, please email me here. Please include your full name, and the PayPal receipt number, and I will look into it for you and reply as soon as possible.

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