Download or DVD?

June 1, 2015 by Tim

I want to clarify the differences between receiving the books and animated series via download and via the Signed DVD set.

The Books 

The book PDFs will be similar no matter whether you receive them via download or on the DVD disc. Via download, you will receive three files, one for each volume of the book set.

If you’re getting the DVD set, the first disc of that set will have those three files on it as well. However, we’re only talking about 2-3GB of data there, and a DVD holds about 4.5GB of data. It is not my intention to waste that space, so I will be filling it with as much digital content as I can.

A lot of the old wallpaper images are included in the books for posterity, but the first disc of the DVD set will include them as digital files too, so you can actually use these images as desktop wallpapers if you wish. I have also decided to include a digital copy of the Applied Education poster on the DVD, so that you’ll have a copy of that to enjoy forever.


The Animated Series

Thanks to our first stretch goal, all pledge tiers $35 and up will be able to download all twenty-four episodes of the Ctrl+Alt+Animated Series. These downloaded episodes will (likely) be .mp4 format, 360p.

Discs 2 and 3 of the Signed DVD set will also include all of these episodes, separated into season 2 and 3 respectively. However, these are fully authored DVDs. That means you can play them on your TV right out of the gate, and they include menus, English subtitles and any commentary tracks I recorded for these episodes back when they were first released, and the videos are 480p. They are not simply the downloadable files slapped onto a data disc.

I hope that helps clear up the differences between these two formats.

Also, while I am currently only guaranteeing that the Book file downloads will be in PDF form, I will be investigating converting to a format like .cbz as well. If I can offer them in that format, I will. I just can’t commit to it l until I’ve had a chance to work with it this summer.

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