Dragon Age: Still Inquisitioning

December 5, 2014 by Tim

I feel like I should provide an update to my Dragon Age: Inquisition thoughts, on account of the fact that I’m still playing it two and a half weeks later, which is possibly the most ringing endorsement I could give a game.

Between writing and drawing two full-length comic book series now, the regular strips, my Patreon exclusives and being a dad, my free time is a carefully measured and much valued commodity. It’s not unheard of for me to leave a game unfinished. In fact, that’s likely the status quo.

So when I started to realize the staggering scope of DA:I and the amount of hours it would require, I thought to myself “Okay, I’m never going to see this game through. Or I’m going to have to rush the main story and skip the side stuff.” Especially since I went away for four days around Thanksgiving. In the past, having to put a game down for a short stretch has easily led to the sounding of the death knell for that particular title.

But I’m still finding myself picking up the game and playing when I can. Sometimes for hours in the evening after my son goes to bed. And not just trying to complete the story, either. I’m doing everything. All the quests, all the exploration. I’ll settle into one zone, and just patiently work my through to completion, and move on to the next.

I’m not feeling rushed, and I’m not feeling irritated at the amount of time I’m spending in DA. It’s a lot of fun. And at this point, I can easily say it’s my favorite Bioware game since KOTOR.

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