DVD pre-sales are a go-go

April 12, 2007 by Tim

You can head on over to the spiffy new Ctrl+Alt+Del: The Animated Series splash page (hit F5 if you don’t see it right away). There you’ll be presented with the links for buying the DVDs of Season One.

you were a yearly subscriber at any point, or a monthly subscriber for
more than $15, but you didn’t get your 50% off coupon code via email,
you can go to this page and use your login information to retrieve your coupon.

can pay via Visa, Mastercard, Paypal (which accepts some other credit
cards I believe… just click the “Don’t Have a Paypal Account?” link
when you get to their page), and money orders.

The regular DVD
will include all 12 “writer’s-cut” episodes of Season One, along with
episode commentary by writer/creator Tim Buckley (me!) and English
subtitles/closed captions for the hearing impaired.

Collector’s Edition comes with a second disc which we’re packing full
of bonus features. Wallpapers, comics, a twelve-page preview of Analog
and D+Pad issue one, the scripts for each episode, some sneak peeks at
the storyboards and character model-sheets and concept sketches and
more. The second disc will also include a video featurette which
includes a bunch of footage of “behind-the-scenes” stuff filmed over
the last few years. Lots of clips of my panels, answering fan questions
and more. So far the video is over a half an hour long, and I’m still
adding more footage.

The Collector’s Edition is limited to pre-orders. If you want one, pre-order it, because it won’t be regularly available later.

Pre-sales will be open until May 4th.

Additionally, anyone who orders (Standard or Collector’s Edition DVD) between now and April 20th will receive a limited CAD sketch card packaged with their DVD.

Good stuff, eh?

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