DVD Update

April 9, 2007 by Tim

I mentioned the Ctrl+Alt+Del: Animated Series DVD last week, and you guys had questions. I have now sought out answers to said questions, and I return to you bearing aforementioned answers.

The episodes will be in widescreen with full Dolby surround. The DVD region will be set to 0, so it can be played anywhere.

Payments will be accepted via Visa, Mastercard or Paypal (which accepts other credit card types) directly on the site we’ll be setting up for the DVD sales. The DVDs will ship worldwide.

The episodes will come with subtitles/closed captioning.

The Standard edition DVD will come with all 12 remastered episodes, commentary by writer/creator Tim Buckley (me!), and subtitles/closed captions. The 2-Disc Collector’s Edition will come with a second DVD of bonus materials. I’ll have more details about that disc as soon as we’ve finalized what we’re cramming on there.

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