DVD/Game Storage

July 24, 2009 by Tim

Occasionally in my travels on this particular planet, I come across things that I enjoy or find useful which I think others may enjoy or find useful. Most often here I’m recommending games, but sometimes it’s other things. I recommend SUMO chairs because I own a handful of them and I think they’re great chairs, for instance.

Recently I was looking for a storage solution for my games and DVDs. With over six-hundred games and movies, standard DVD racks were becoming impractical. They were taking over my living room. So I began searching for a more space-sensible option.

CD binders/rolodexes wouldn’t work, because I’d need to have shelves full of binders, and organization would be a nightmare. I wouldn’t be able to keep the DVD graphics/game booklets, and I’d constantly be shifting discs around as I added to the binder.

Those electronic DVD holders were neat, but at max they only held 150 discs. So I’d need half a dozen of them, which is just silly.

I started considering transferring everything over to slim cases, but again, there isn’t a lot of room in them for cover artwork/instruction manuals.

Then I happened upon this company, that produces polypropylene sleeves that hold everything at a fraction of the width. They hold the DVD cover artwork, inserts/game books, and up to two discs, or more with expansion sleeves (for TV series, etc). I decided to give them a try, and I’ve been very happy with them.

I was able to take a large, space-wasting collection of discs and condense it down to something far more manageable that can fit into drawers, arranged alphabetically or by category, with dividers.

If you’ve got games or movies that are hogging space you could be using for something else, I’d definitely recommend these sleeves. To give you an idea of how much they condensed the discs, here’s a picture of the movies in the sleeves, and the boxes they came out of, side by side.

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