E3 Extravaganza

May 23, 2005 by Tim

Update: I’ll be in Canada tomorrow. Scroll down for details.

So E3 was quite an incredible experience. You guys can go to any gaming news site on the web and get any and all of the information you need about any game that was shown there, so I’m just going to give my impressions on a few of the ones that were highlights of the show for me.

StarCraft: Ghost: I love StarCraft. I was skeptical about this game until I saw it in action at E3. I’m still a little skeptical about the Single Player, but I got a good ten minutes or so to play a multiplayer match, and I really enjoyed it.

You can choose between a Marine, a Firebat (my favorite), a Ghost and a Light Infantry. Only the last two can operate vehicles. The Marine and Firebat are just too bulky. The Marine obviously has the distance, the Firebat has the power, the Ghost has the accuracy, and the Light Infantry can create mobile turrets and such.

The game I played was fairly short-lived, because I was the only person on my team that was actually doing anything. Everyone else was running around like an idiot while I went for the base. We played a unique version of capture the flag, wherein you fight your way into a terran base, take control of it, and then fly the whole base back to your side of the map. Then you have to defend it. It was lots of fun. Think of Halo, but in third-person, and in the StarCraft universe.

I would have loved to have seen a game like this, squad based multiplayer, incorporate the Protoss and the Zerg as playables as well. It would have been bliss. Perhaps in future releases….

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction: This game was easily one of my favorites of the show. If you’ll recall I found the trailer right before I left, and posted it here to spread the word. Getting to then play it at E3 was awesome.

It’s very much like Spider-Man 2 the game, which was amazing, in that it is very true to the comic-book feel of the hero. And I’m not going to lie to you… the massive amount of destruction you can cause is downright heavenly. Every step you take tears up the pavement. Everything you bump into crumples under your strength. You can tear a car in half and fashion it into boxing gloves. You can smash a bus down into a huge shield, or a surfboard. You can tear down lamp posts and use them as spears or as bats.

No one is spared. You can grab innocent civilians, climb to the top of the tallest building, charge a jump and hurl them into the distance. You can then leap off said building, and drop the atomic elbow onto a crowd below, leaving nothing but a crater beneath you. It’s wonderful.

Exteel: I had never heard of this Korean game, but it’s being put out by NCSoft. I’m a sucker for large mechs fighting, and that’s what this game is. It’s a versus third-person deathmatch game with giant robots. The build we played was alpha or pre-alpha, and had a lot of glitches, and poor “engrish” translation, but it’s definitely a title to watch.

City of Villains: May just end up getting me back into the CoH phase. We’ll see, but CoV looked pretty good. If you can believe it, they made character customization even MORE diverse.

On a cool sidenote, they had copies of the latest CoH book at the NCSoft booth, which apparently has switched to a new publisher. I had no idea, but it looks really spiffy. The last of my CoH comics appears in the back, not a bad way to end the run. Nifty!

Devil Kings
: Remember the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring, where there is a whole army, and Sauron walks out, taller than everyone, and just starts swinging into the crowd? And everyone is flying in all different directions? That’s what Devil Kings is like.

With a Japanese flavor to it, you play a massive warrior in full armor, and your goal seems to be just to lay waste to everyone that stands in your way, using a large sword, a gun, and a variety of fancy special moves. I played it for a good twenty minutes, and I definitely wanted more.

There are a bunch more I need to touch on, so I’ll do that later today. I’m also going to get the pictures up today. Stay tuned.

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