Easy Rider

December 5, 2012 by Tim

I never finished Skyrim, and none of the DLC thus far have made me feel like the repetitiveness that caused my loss of interest has been remedied. I got a great weapon like three hours into the game, and 10+ hours later still hadn’t found anything better. The excitement of finding and exploring new, dark corners of the huge open world lost some of its appeal once realize all you’re likely to find is more bone meal.

The new expansion apparently lets you ride dragons. This is apparently how that works. Looks pretty lame. I like my version better.

I did, however, pick up Far Cry 3, and so far I’m finding it to be incredibly fun. A lot better than I was expecting, actually. I’ll do up a proper review once I’ve had more time with it, but in the meantime I’ll be streaming the game later today and tonight, and probably tomorrow as well. You can either tune in live, or check out the recordings. If you subscribe to the twitch channel, or my twitter, you’ll get a notification when the stream goes live.

Also, there are only a couple of this batch of Signed Comic Prints left, so order soon if you want one by Christmas. I’m planning to have this batch shipped out on Friday.

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