Extra pages this week

April 29, 2014 by Tim

The votes are closed and we’ve renamed the ship! It will hereby be known as the Aphelion (vote results are here). An Aphelion, if you didn’t already know, is the point in the path of a celestial body (like a planet or comet) that is farthest from the sun. It was suggested by one of our readers, and seemed very fitting for a smuggler’s ship.

Close runner up was Gypsy Sol, a name I also thought was incredibly apt, and sounded cool. A couple of people informed me, however, that apparently ‘gypsy’ is now considered a racial slur. Probably best that we avoided that whole potential sensitivity controversy.

As promised, you’re getting an extra page this week. In order to make that happen, I’m fiddling around with the typical update schedule. This week pages will go up on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and then either late Friday evening or early Saturday morning.

I should have the first page from my new colorist to show you shortly as well.

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