Finding Shepard

March 10, 2012 by Tim

A method just popped up online a day or two ago for supposedly working around Bioware’s face import issues. It’s a little complex, with a bunch of file swapping and registering for/downloading a bunch of stuff. I decided to give it a shot though, to see if there was a shot of getting my Shepard back.

For reference, here’s my Shepard in ME1:

Here’s my Shepard freshly imported into ME2 from ME1:

And here is what ME3 thinks my Shepard should look like using the vanilla importer:

And here, using the supposed workaround method, is as close as I could get the face to my actual Shepard:

It still just doesn’t seem right, but it’s close. I’m going to sit with it for a day or so and decide whether or not I can live with it, or if I should hold out hope that Bioware will be able to patch the importer to do its job correctly.

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