Flaming metal fork

October 3, 2003 by Tim

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As I am sure most of you already know, Valve Software officially announced yesterday that via hacking of their personal development computers and email programs, the source code for Half Life 2 was stolen, and subsequently leaked onto the internet.

Some of you are asking yourselves why this is a big deal. I’ll tell you. The source code, if it is infact complete and not partial, contains everything hackers will need to create fake CD keys, create multiplayer hacks, distribute free copies of the game, and alter the game itself.

Unfortunately there are a lot of retards who get some sort of empty gratification by using aimbots, maphacks and other online cheats to win multiplayer games. It has ruined games like Counterstrike and Starcraft in the past. Now, in order to prevent these fucksticks from creating anything useful from the source code, and turning the game into shit for the rest of us, Valve has to add and change code in a preventative measure. In all probability, this means the Half Life 2 release date will be pushed back even further.

But whether or not this event effects the Half Life 2 release date isn’t even what boils my blood. It’s the fact that some retarded piece of shit hacker who thought they were hot shit went and attacked a video game company in this manner. I mean, some people just have no respect for boundaries any more, and it really pisses me off.

I mean, sure, ok. Ripping games and distributing them on the internet is just a fact of our modern life. It’s the way it goes, and it takes money away from the video game companies, but the percentage is fairly low. Most people don’t want to bother with finding, downloading and cracking the game, and even better, they wanted to support the companies that made their favorite games. But pirated software still existed, and it was just natural.

But there used to be a time where there was a code of morals. Some fucking ethics that people stood by, no matter how low or criminal they were. A code that you didn’t attack the people on your side. There was a certain respect. At what point did all of these kids start thinking that these video game companies fucking owed them entertainment? That these people, these coders and developers should work for sometimes up to two or three years on a game, and then give it away because some little twerp in his mother’s basement doesn’t want to pay for it. And even worse, at what point did these little twerps decide it was ok to blatantly attack and steal from these hardworking companies?

Fuck. That. Shit.

It pisses me off. I swear, if I could somehow locate the assmonkeys behind this stunt, I’d gut them with a flaming metal fork. Bastards.

I urge any of you that have downloaded the source code to delete it from your hard drive. Don’t point people to links for download, and if you know anything about the source code theft, email valve.

You’re fucking hurting the game you waited so anxiously to get. It’s not god damned funny.

Now… we have a GameDay coming up tomorrow. The game is America’s Army. You can download it for free via their site.

Please do not email me with technical questions regarding the game. I honestly don’t know how to get it running on your 486. They have tech support forums for that stuff.

On Saturday I will be making a news post that will contain the name of the server we’re currently playing on. That name will change throughout the afternoon as we move from server to server.

Now, keeping in mind: on average, only 20-24 people can be on a server at a time, split into two teams. Some of you may not be able to get in right away, if the server is full. Keep trying. I’m planning on playing all afternoon. I’m going to stock up on food and drink here at my computer desk. If you can’t get in immediately, just keep trying. Wait for a slot to open up.

I mailed out the September Donator’s Only content yesterday. A bunch of you with Hotmail email address got returned to sender. Just a reminder that you need to provide a valid email address when you send a donation.

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