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September 9, 2005 by Tim

The books are on their way. They will begin shipping next week. I will be flying up to the ZeStuff offices in Canada where I will spend an unknown amount of time signing all of the books that need to be signed, while the ZeStuff staff rushes to get them packaged and shipped. I know you’ve all waited very patiently, longer than we originally expected you would have to wait. I appreciate that. You’ll have your books soon.

Speaking of travelling, I’ve been on the fence about attending next month. At first I was planning to go, then I wasn’t. Then I started entertaining the idea again, but honestly, it’s just not going to happen. That’s a hell of a lot of traveling just for two days of a single company’s games. And as much as I love Blizzard, I hate travelling. So a couple of eight hour flights is a huge turn-off. Though if anyone attending wanted to part with the card that affords the WoW murloc pet, I wouldn’t be ungrateful.

I’m trying to ramp things up around here for the end of the year. I’ve got to get prepping for Winter-een-mas earlier, as last year taught me. Also every year I get hundreds of requests for a CAD calendar, but I never remember it until February or March. I’m going to try and get one put together and printed before January.

I’ve also got at least a couple of really huge announcements in the drawer, which hopefully I’ll be able to reveal soon.

Buuut… first a little bit of Warsong Gulch. You know, to relax the nerves.

By the way… the Alliance on Dark Iron is awful at Battlegrounds. Stop frolicking with flowers and rainbows, or whatever it is you pansies do all day, and queue up once in a while for some PVP. Do it often enough and you might actually learn how to win.

Oh yeah, I went there.

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