Forum go smash

March 8, 2004 by Tim

We’be been having some problems with the forums lately. If you sign up, and your activation email doesn’t work, email me personally with your forum nickname, so I can activate your account manually. Finding and fixing the problem has been added to my ever growing list of things to do.

The Exclusives! for February went out last night. Once more I need to remind people that when you donate, please make sure the email address you supply is valid, and that you set your spam blockers to allow messages from the ‘’ domain.

And once again, thank you all for supporting Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Also, I’m about ninety-percent certain that I’m going to play Lineage 2 retail, so I’m planning on running a guild/alliance. If you’re interested in playing with myself and a bunch of CAD fans, keep an eye on the news post closer to retail release. There will be some pre-requisites for joining.

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