Four days left to register!

February 15, 2010 by Tim

That’s right, there are only four days left to register for Digital Overload 2010! We’ll be closing registration on the 18th, after which your only option for attending our fifth anniversary event will be purchasing a limited-access Spectator badge at the door! So if you’ve been waiting until the last minute (and judging by the amount of registrations coming in now, that’s quite a few of you), consider this the last minute!

If you’ve paid for your badge and are planning on participating in any tournaments at Digital Overload, make sure you head over to this website and register, then sign up for tourneys. Spots are first-come, first-served. Also, if you’re attending the BYOC, you should register an account on that website anyway, since that’s the database we’ll be using for our internal intranet, which allows you to access the event IRC, music requests, patches and drivers.

If your team was attempting to sign up for a tournament but was met with an error, please follow the new instructions and try again. Let us know on the forums if you continue to have any problems.

Also keep in mind that Project: Assassination carries an entry fee of $10 to cover the game materials. Magic: The Gathering is not listed under tournament sign-ups, M:TG events will be running all weekend. Warmachine/Hordes will also be running throughout the weeked, so check in at the Tabletop section.

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