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March 6, 2006 by Tim

The registration for Digital Overload ends today around 6pm EST. So if you wanted to attend, you need to register before 6pm today. We will not be accepting gamer registrations at the door. We will only be selling spectator badges at the door, and spectators won’t have a seat to play games.

It’s hard to believe our event is only a few days away. I’m really excited about playing some video games with CAD readers all weekend, and just having a good time. A bunch of my good friends will be there as well, like Scott of VGCats, Mookie of Dominic Deegan, Shawn Handyside of Staccato, and Pierre and Simon of ZeStuff. And of course, Ryan and Randy of Blind Ferret Entertainment will be there!

And we’ve got some great sponsors (we just picked up nVidia and DLink), so we should have some cool stuff to give away.

I also want to ask once more that if you’ve signed up to attend, to log in here and make sure you’ve filled out all of the necessary information. It will help us out a lot with check-in. If you don’t fill out the information before you show up, you’re going to have to stand in line and fill out forms. And it sort of sucks to be standing in line when you could be setting up and gaming.

I played a good deal of Empire at War this past weekend (among other games, brushing up for DO2006). I’ve solidified my initial impressions of the game. I find it to be highly enjoyable, and a nice deviation from typicial RTS. However, I think a large part of that is due to the Star Wars license. This same game, with a different theme, probably would not be as enjoyable. That it is Star Wars (and really well done Star Wars at that) helps me overlook what minor shortcomings the game has, and it has a couple.

But in the end, I play video games to be entertained, and Empire at War accomplishes that very well, so I give it two thumbs up.

I’ve ordered a copy of Battle for Middle Earth 2 (which should be arriving today). I expect that to be cut from a more traditional RTS mold. I’ve read very good things about the game, and I think that visually it’s just magnificent. I’ve heard tell of some unit imbalances, but I’ll wait and see for myself. What one person considers imbalanced, another person considers a challenge. Also, from my extensive MMORPG experience, I find a lot of gamers throw around the word “imbalance” to cover up the fact that they get their ass kicked.

So I’ll be playing both of these games at Digital Overload, and more. I’ll be bringing Starcraft, F.E.A.R., BF2 and more. I’d even be interested in playing a couple rounds of JK2 for old times sake.

Also- Battlestar Galactica season finale this weekend! There’s a bit of a spoiler regarding the election on their official site, so you may want to steer clear if you want it to be a surprise. But it’s a ninety minute episode, and due to the foreshadowing in Lay Down Your Burdens Pt 1, you can tell something huge is about to happen. But what ever will I do without my BSG until season three starts?!

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