May 16, 2007 by Tim

Mmm, got some new swag in the store. The magnetic poetry is finally in and shipping.

169 individual magnets on a 7″x10″ break apart sheet. I’d love to do another set or two of these. Consume!

We’ve also got embroidered hats, zip-up hoodies and beanies for the first time ever. You know, if you’re into that whole wearin’ stuff fad the kids are doing these days.

Zack has just about finished his work on issue two of Analog and D+Pad, but no ETA yet. I’ll let you know, I still need to hire a colorist for issue #2 and #3 (it’s a 2 part story). I know I’m going to shoot myself in the ear later for suggesting this, but hey, why not. If you think you’ve got the chops, feel free to email me some of your coloring samples. I’m very picky about the look I’m going for, but who knows. Maybe you’ve got it. If you don’t hear back from me… you don’t.

Team Fortress 2 is a huge anticipation for me, primarily because of the art style they chose. I love it. I want to have sweet sweet monkey sex with it. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Feast your eyeballs.

High-Def version here if you want to do the downloady thing.

Vanguard is now a Sony Online Entertainment product. My sympathies to the Sigil employees that were laid off and not hired back. If you want, you can come work for me. I have a few game ideas. My basement is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and the chains have fluffly pink lining, so they don’t chafe.

All in all, I think this will be better for the game in the long run. I really enjoy the game, and there’s a good game there, it just needs all the bugs dusted off it. SOE has the money and the resources to make it happen. EQ2 is thriving, with it’s third or fourth expansion just announced. If Vanguard could get that kind of support, I’d be thrilled.

And I know a ton of you are saying “omgz, wtf SOE, they r devil corporation! Look wut they did to SWG!”, and to that I say “Please do your homework”. LucasArts handed down the NGE changes to SWG. SOE was just following orders. At least lay the blame at the proper doorstep.

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