November 17, 2004 by Tim

I totally got back into City of Heroes last night. I remembered why I enjoyed the game so much in the first place. I love the fact that you can play for hours, or twenty minutes, and still get things accomplished and have fun. I’m not going to give out my hero name this time, because I’d like some privacy while playing, but I am on the Freedom server.

Half-Life 2 has amazed me. I played for about twenty minutes last night, and I spent about half of that time throwing televisions and objects out the windows in that first apartment building. The physics are just incredible.

I’ve put maybe a total of a couple of hours in now, and the game is very well laid out. Loading times aren’t too bad, but they are noticeable. I love the autosave feature. It saves by itself pretty often, so when I get wrapped up in the game and forget to save, if I die, I’m never put very far back. It makes it much more likely that I’ll go back for another try after dying, as opposed to being frustrated at having to do a whole section over again, and turning the game off.

As I mentioned earlier, at this point I have no interest in the multiplayer aspects of Half-Life 2. I’ve got Halo 2 to sate that appetite. But the single player story for Half-Life 2 is everything I’d ever dreamed of.

My only complaint would be steam, but then, that’s everyone’s complaint. I had the game yesterday morning, but didn’t get it registered and running until late last night. It’s not that big a deal for me, because I have plenty else to do, but I saw some message boards with people screaming bloody murder. I saw so many threatened lawsuits from nerds who couldn’t play their game, it immediately reminded me of my Everquest days, where they’d bring the servers down for maintenance and people would start crying that they were paying a monthly subscription, and Verant should be refunding them money for server downtime, etc etc.

It’s just plain silly. Video games rock, people, but get a grip.

I’ve gotten the comics drawn for the rest of this week. Now if I can just get four more drawn for next week before Sunday, I can take my vacation.

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