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April 2, 2008 by Tim

So the books go on sale shortly. 11am PST exactly (2pm EST for the time-zone challenged). Hardcover, Paperback, Issue 2, and comic bundle. They say out of stock because they haven’t actually gone on sale yet. I’ve had some people freaking out thinking the books were gone already. Additionally, any order that includes a collection book, will receive a copy of Analog and D+Pad Issue 1 for free (edit: You don’t have to put the copy of Issue #1 into your basket. It will just be thrown in when they send out your order).

I’m getting really excited about this ‘Choose Our Adventure’ story arc (that’s what I’m calling it). Saturday will be the first ‘choice’ comic, and I’m anxious to see how it plays out. I’ll be posting instructions on voting when the comic goes up. I’m writing out the story “tree” (all of the choices and where they lead) so that I won’t be tempted to save Ethan from death at the last moment. Though I really like the character/universe/possibilities I’m working with here, so I hope he survives. Response to the whole idea has been very positive though.

And speaking of positive response, I’ve been hearing lots of good things from subscribers about the first episode of Season 2. We’ve been putting a lot of work into season 2, so it’s a relief to hear that people are seeing a noticeable improvement over our freshmen effort. We have a forum setup for people to discuss and share their opinions of the episodes as they air, but the discussion threads may contain spoilers, so be warned. And if you think this episode was an improvement, wait until you see the next few.

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