GTA Online… if you’re lucky

October 2, 2013 by Tim

I was up pretty early yesterday morning, so I was actually able to jump into GTA Online for a few hours and mess around. Sort of, anyway.

Apparently because the cloud servers were down, the character I made was only “temporary”, and not saved. In fact, I didn’t get any of the actual opening credits/cutscenes that are supposed to accompany GTA Online. Rather, when I logged in, the game spawned me about ten feet above the VINEWOOD sign, and literally dumped me into the game.

That said, I was able to run around with other people, do activities, etc. Haven’t been able to log back in since, but at least I got a taste of GTAO.

Drive-bys, carjackings, randomly getting run over, and just generally being fucked with while trying to go about my business. GTA Online puts you on the receiving end of all the horrible shit you’ve done to Los Santos’ citizens during your time in single player

And it creates some really enjoyable chaos.

In the way of thanking for small favors, being killed by another player in free-roam only appeared to drop $100 of whatever cash I was carrying around on me. I thought I had read at some point that you lost ALL cash on hand when you were killed. Either this changed, or my pre-cloud servers playtime was altered. After all, none of my progression was saved on this temporary character.

Either way, GTAOnline is a lot of fun… once they get these server issues worked out and we can enjoy it at-will, anyway.

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