Hope all of my readers here in the US had a great turkey-day yesterday and a satisfying post-dinner food-coma!

And also happy go-mental-to-find-holiday-shopping-savings day, as well. Whether you’re shopping online or braving the stores (whhhhyyyy?! You can buy everything online. Why would you ever step foot into a retail establishment today?), there’s no doubt today is a good day for saving some cash on stuff you or your peoples want.

Which is why I want to direct you to SUMO’s website, because as awesome as their chairs are, they can fall on the pricey side, so why not take the opportunity to save a few bucks if you can, right? They shot me an email to let me know they have some deals happening this weekend, and while I’m not 100% certain, they look to me like some of the best they’ve offered in the ten (holy shit, has it been ten?!) years that I’ve been using SUMO beanbags.

So for Black Friday, Gray Saturday, Orange Sunday, Cyber Monday, and Where’d-all-my-money-go Tuesday, they’re offering all sorts of savings to check out.

Now, my personal favorite room-dominator remains the Titan (though it seems they’re calling it the Titanium, now?). If you have the space, I still believe you’d be hard-pressed to find a more versatile and stress-melting gaming chair than the Titan(ium).

However, with that said, the Sultan looks like it would be a hell of a runner-up. I like that it’s round; one of my minor complaints about the Titan is that its oblong size sometimes makes it difficult to position in a room/around other furniture. While slightly smaller (I would say its definitely a single-person seat, while the Titan can seat two semi-comfortably), the Sultan also carries a similarly shrunken price-tag, which is nice.

At any rate, I don’t think you can go wrong no matter what beanbag chair you buy… it’s a beanbag chair (well, kind of… most of them are filled with comfy shredded foam, not beans). I do want to make a personal suggestion based on my experience though, if you’re considering adding one of these bad-boys to your home. I have owned both corduroy and microsuede SUMO chairs, and I greatly prefer corduroy.

While I think the microsuede might be a little more comfortable, from a tactile standpoint, and certainly more attractive when clean… they can be a pain to keep clean. In my experience the microsuede collects every little thing and is tougher to brush off than the corduroy, so if you have pets or children, take that into consideration!

As I posted earlier in the month as well, my Ctrl+Alt+Del 1.0 three-volume book set is also marked down through the weekend. It’s a very heavy book set (17lbs), and thus expensive to ship, so the lower cover price should help offset that. If you don’t have the shelf-space, you can also purchase the book set on a DVD disc set that not only includes the high-res book PDFs, but both seasons of the old Ctrl+Alt+Del animated series of shorts as well. Sale’s over!

I do understand, though, that even with the lowered cover price, the cost to ship this big, beautiful book set overseas is ridiculous. We offer the option because, well, if you really want it, it’s currently the only way to get it. When we did the Kickstarter, we had a number of books sent to a distributor in Europe, but those are all gone now. The only copies left are in the US, and it’s silly expensive to ship them abroad. 

With that said, I am investigating options… primarily, what would be involved with freighting another shipment of books to a location like the UK or EU, and then shipping them from there. I still have to work out the logistics, and I would need to have a number of people already committed to purchasing the sets I move over there, but theoretically it would allow us to offer a cheaper overall shipping price to those overseas who missed out on the Kickstarter and still want a book set (shipping 50 books overseas in one shipment and then distributing them should be less expensive than shipping 50 books oversears individually).

Again, I have no hard details on this just yet, and if you want a book by Christmas, your only option is to order them as currently offered, but I did want to let you know that I am at least trying to find a way for people overseas to get a book without being punched in the teeth by shipping. I’ll keep you posted. 

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