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December 8, 2006 by Tim

I forgot to mention earlier in the week, but I’ll be down in Orlando, Florida in February to attend Megacon. I went a couple of years ago, and despite catching a nasty flu on the way down there, and being sick the entire weekend, it was a really fun convention. Zack Finfrock will be with me, he’s the penciller on the upcoming Analog and D+Pad comic book, which will be out by then. Also I guess Brian will be there too.

Speaking of upcoming books, I’ve mentioned that the comic book has gone to print, but also the third collection of Ctrl+Alt+Del strips is being printed at the same time. Here’s a preview of the cover, which features the new cover design I’ll be using for the books. When we reprint Volume One and Two, I’ll be giving them new covers in this style.

We’re not doing a pre-order this time; when the book goes on sale, it will be all ready to ship to you.

We will be doing Limited Edition Hardcovers again, as they were a big success last year. If you weren’t around for the pre-order fiasco in 2005, allow me to prep you.

When we reprinted Volume One for the first time, and released Volume Two, we decided to offer a very small number of the books with glossy special edition hardcovers. We originally only offered 500 hardcovers of each volume. When the pre-orders finally opened, people hit the servers so hard everything crashed. So we had to postpone the release until the next day. We were better prepared for the rush, but the hardcovers sold out in less than thirty minutes. Unfortunately a lot of people that wanted a Limited Edition Hardcover weren’t able to get one.

For Volume 3, I wanted to do hardcovers again, but I wanted people to have more of a chance at one, while still retaining their very limited and collectable nature. So we’ll be printing 1000 copies of Volume 3 in hardcover. I will post here as far before we open sales as possible, when the time comes, so that if you want a hardcover book, you can have a shot at one. We will have plenty of paperback books in stock if you don’t care either way.

When the books arrive, I will probably fly up to Canada again to sign all of the hardcover books, and also probably a small number of paperback books. That isn’t concrete yet, but I’ll let you know.

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