Heads up

June 7, 2004 by Tim

Ok, the comic is going to be up later than usual today. I wanted to give you a heads up, so you knew what was going on. I’m sure by now you know me well enough to know that I never miss an update, and I always give you an explanation if a strip is late. So here it is.

As is on par with my luck, that as we were gearing up to ship the book to the printer, the computer that houses it was infected and summarily eaten alive by a very nasty virus. There was no way to save it.

Now, none of the image files or anything like that were lost. Those were all safe on my computer. What we did lose was the Quark file, which is essentially the layout of the entire book.

It is currently… 6:24am. I am on hour sixteen of an all night work-a-thon to re-lay-out the book. I have ingested so much caffeine, my heart is about to explode, but we’re doing well. As I type this I have re-done about 85-90% of the work that was lost. The book will be submitted on-time, and still most likely finished ahead of schedule.

Now why is the comic going to be late? When we finally realized that the work was lost, yesterday morning, I had to pack up my computer with all of the book work on it, and drive to Maryland so we could work on it all through the night.

Monday’s comic, however, is still half completed on my other computer, back at my apartment in Virginia.

In a few hours I’ll leave here, make the drive back home, and get the comic up for you all, following which I will pass out and remain dead to the world for the rest of the day.

Thank you for your patience. Everything is under control, and although this was a nasty setback, and a lot of work I didn’t want to have to do over, hopefully someday it will be a funny story to laugh about.

That someday better come soon

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