Hehe, gotcha

April 3, 2006 by Tim

The new Tomb Raider hits most platforms next week. I’ve posted my first impressions over on CADMedia, and you can grab a PC demo if you’re inclined to try it yourself.

I must say, I was rather surprised at how many people got caught by my April Fools gag on Saturday. I don’t usually do any April Fools gags here because I figure “Hey, it’s a comic site. They’ll see it coming a mile away”. But swapping around their outfits threw some people for a loop, and they couldn’t figure it out. And it also brought a few homophobic fans out of the woodwork. “Oh noes, is Lucas becoming a faggot?! Don’t make him gay! Gay is bad!”

Now almost I’m tempted to make Lucas gay just to piss all over their poor redneck sensibilities. But he isn’t, so I won’t.

Oh, the third episode of our animated series is now up in CAD Premium. That whole venture is going over really well, which is a huge relief to me. I wasn’t sure anyone would be interested, but people have been really supportive, and seem to really be enjoying our animated efforts. So sign up and check it out!

We’ve still got some new tee-shirt designs on pre-order. I haven’t gotten the latest numbers from Pierre, so I’m not sure which (if any) we’ll be keeping around permanantly. But just to be on the safe side, if you really want one, order it now. In case we decide not to stock in long-term. I may decided I only want to run these for pre-order, and then design some new shirts next month.

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