Here’s a question for you

March 20, 2009 by Tim

A few months ago I told SplitReason “Go ahead and discontinue the CAD Character t-shirts, it’s about time I updated them with some new designs.”

So they did, and I didn’t (as many of you have noticed).

Now it’s long past time for me to sit down and design some nice new character shirts, and I’d like to get feedback from those of you interested in them. So the two big questions are:

  1. Do you like character quotes on the tees, or do you prefer a t-shirt with just a character graphic?
  2. If you like the quote, do you prefer it on the front with the character, or on the back by itself?

You can go ahead and email me your thoughts, and I’ll try to gauge the prevailing opinion and whip up some neat designs for the next generation of character tees.

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