Hero. Naked. Soul.

September 23, 2011 by Tim

Cthulhuphant has released today, and he’s available for everyone to play in Heroes of Newerth! Here’s the hero spotlight:

I’m hoping to get some time to jump into the game a little later and finally try him out (if he doesn’t get picked before I get a chance).

We’ve got a couple of new t-shirts available in the store for you.

I’m currently gearing up and clearing my schedule for the release of Dark Souls in a little less than two weeks. In a season full of big releases, this one sits right near the top for me, equalled perhaps only by Skyrim and Diablo 3 (if that actually slides into the 2011 calendar).

It was just released in Japan, though one retailer broke the street date. Rather than ban the people playing early, the developer (FromSoftware) released max level black phantoms into their worlds. We’re talking level 145, all stats capped at 99. If you never played Demons Souls, this won’t mean much to you. If you did play, you probably felt an ice-cold shard of dread in your heart imagining that.

At any rate, the game is also dealing with a handful of bugs, issues I’m hoping will be worked out by the time the game hits stateside. I have my fingers crossed that Dark Souls will be every bit as challenging and brutal as its predecessor. Bring on the pain.


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