As I mentioned on Friday, the folks are Heroes of Newerth are going to let us come up with the concept for a new hero for the game. For the next twenty-four hours I’ll be taking submissions with your ideas for the hero. Afterwards, I’ll choose my favorites, and sketch them up so that we can vote on which ones the community likes best. And then from there, I’ll work with S2Games on making the hero a reality in-game!

So here’s what you need to do to submit an idea. Send an email to cad.contest (at) (subject doesn’t matter). In the body of the email, write the proposed name of your hero, followed by a brief 150 words or less describing what your hero looks like, and what he does. We don’t need specifics about exactly how much damage an ability does, or what stat it scales off of, just a general concept so that I can get an idea of what your hero is all about (and possibly draw it!).

Don’t forget to include your full name so we can give you credit if your idea is chosen.

And that’s it! That’s the first step to having a hero in a MOBA that we all had a part in choosing. Stay tuned for the voting process later this week!


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