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October 6, 2004 by Tim

I scripted, penciled and inked today’s comic last night, but by the time I sat down to color it, sheer exhaustion had caught up with me. The last week has been so tiring, with the move, getting settled, and the surrounding issues. I’m finally getting comfortable here though, and starting to get back into a routine. Of course I get to disrupt it next weekend when I head down to New Jersey for Ubercon, but more on that later.

Overall, the move went well. I’ll post an account on my journal/sketch dump thingy soon.

First, a couple of friends of mine have a birthday today. My friend Britanny turns 20, and my friend Ananth turns 21, so Happy Birthday guys! Britanny still isn’t old enough to drink, and Ananth doesn’t strike me as the type to get drunk, so I’ll be sure to go out tonight and get hammered in their honor.

Ubercon. Next week. Lots of fun. Chance to win free signed Xbox. Good times. You make plans to go. I be there. Good time had by all.

I’ll have books there for sale, some shirts, posters, etc. Whatever I can fit in my car, or on the table I assume. I’ll post more details about it early next week, right before the convention, but in the meantime you can pre-register or get more information on their website.

By the way, thanks for everyone who pointed me to gyms in the New Haven area. I’ve got a few I’m going to check out today. I’ve heard the Yale campus has a nice gym, and it’s right up the street from me, so I may see what that’s about.

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