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December 28, 2005 by Tim

In a short while I will be heading out to do the consumer thing at some various retail outlets to try my luck on Dead or Alive 4. Rumors are flying every which way. Every release date on the planet said it came out today… well, at least until this morning. Now they’re changing their dates all around. EBGames and Gamestop are now saying Friday or next Monday. I’ve heard from other people that they already have a copy, or are being told the game will still arrive this afternoon.

I cannot, in recent memory, recall a game’s release date that has been this much of a circle-jerk. Maybe I’ve just lucked out for the past couple of years and none of the games I’ve really been after have been delayed this badly.

Even if I don’t get DOA4 today, I still plan on grabbing DragonQuest 8. I’ve been hearing really great things about it, and it’s been a while since I’ve had a solid RPG to play. I figure with Winter-een-mas around the bend, what better time to start one?

Speaking of Winter-een-mas, as promised I have gotten the website online. The site is primarily being run on a forum system now, which allows the community to take charge of posting their own Winter-een-mas pictures, events and ideas in a common setting. So far it seems to be working out well, and once we’re in the swing of the season, I imagine it will only get more active.

Right in the middle of Winter-een-mas I’ll be at Vericon in Boston, Massachussetts. They will be holding some WEMas events of their own. I won’t be bringing any merchandise with me, so if you want something signed, you’ll need to order from our store and bring it with you. I will be doing a few panels, and generally hanging out playing games and such. I’ll give you more details as I get them.

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