I had to get up early to drive my girlfriend to the dealership to drop off her car for some maintenance (don’t ask me why she brings it to the dealer, such a waste of money), and I’m stopped at a red light in downtown New Haven. I casually glance out my window, and see a guy walking down the sidewalk. Average dude, middle-aged, flowered hawaiian button-down and khaki shorts. Dark sunglasses. And blue latex surgical gloves.


As I’m watching this guy, he casually walks up to a trash bin, looks around for a moment, and then quickly strips the gloves off and discards them. Then walks away. There are no hospitals nearby. No cleaning (of the normal type) going on that I could ascertain. I’ll bet he was a contract killer. Creepy.

So they released the Transformers movie teaser early. What the hell was the point of that stupid countdown then? Morons. Looks good I guess. They didn’t show anything. I swear, if they ruin Soundwave (my favorite transformer of all time) I’m going to burn down the world. I heard they were making him a helicopter. Grrr.

I don’t think I ever mentioned, but I got to play around with Windows Vista at E3 for a bit, and I really liked it. Still had some bugs to work out though, and it crashed on me (at least I know it’s still Windows!) so I haven’t downloaded it to beta test. I don’t want to risk installing a buggy OS on my work computer and not be able to get work done. But I’m looking forward to the next generation of windows. However, a reader pointed me to this, and I have to say, Tim likey.

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