I think ice cream will help…

April 18, 2008 by Tim

So, a bit of a landslide situation with the vote on today’s comic. I think that’s probably my fault. I have a feeling I made that option a little too specific, and it was out of place next to the other options, maybe making it seem like an obvious choice. Of course, for all you know Ethan could have tried to faint, and broken his neck in the process, but alas, that is not the way I’d scripted the story. So he’s still alive… for now.

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather this week. Unfortunately I’m not sick enough to justify spending all day in bed, but it’s present enough to be really annoying. Toby and I have gaming plans this weekend that involve barbecue, booze and Condemned 2 campaign start to finish, so I’m going to take it easy for the rest of the day, in hopes of tricking my cold into thinking it has beaten me into submission and departing for greener pastures.

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