[12:12] Tim: Joy
[12:12] Brian: Hm?
[12:12] Tim: The official announcement of Dead Rising 2
[12:12] Brian: Oh ho.
[12:13] Tim: No shopping mall this time, instead it takes place in the “gambling paradise of Fortune City”
[12:14] Tim: No Frank West either. He’s probably off covering wars, you know.
[12:14] Brian: That’s what he does.
[12:14] Brian: So many wars, he’s covered them all.
[12:14] Tim: They have to be covered, and that’s what Frank West does.
[12:14] Brian: They have wars so he can cover them.
[12:15] Tim: They call him up and ask if his schedule is free. If they throw a War, can he cover it? He answers yes.
[12:15] Brian: That’s the real reason for Iraq War 2. He had nothing to do that weekend. That motherfucker.
[12:16] Tim: If a War happens in the woods, and Frank West isn’t there to cover it… did the War really happen?
[12:16] Brian: I don’t see how.

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