So I suppose it will come as little surprise that I’ve been devoured by Monster Hunter this week. This is my first experience with multiplayer Monster Hunter, and it’s everything I’d hoped it would be. On the PSP you could only get multiplayer if people were in the same room with or, or through certain homebrew online methods that I was never interested in dealing with. On the Wii however, it’s an easy plug and play setup.

Well, relatively easy. The messaging/friends system is still a little convoluted. I understand why, it’s a free service and they can’t store everyone’s messages. So in order to message or friend someone, they have to be online. That’s not a huge deal. What I don’t understand is why you can’t send someone a message while they’re in a quest. You end up playing a game of cat and mouse where you’re trying to catch someone while they’re in the tavern.

Still, once you get people on your friends list, it’s easy to see who’s online, and warp right to their tavern if there’s room. If you care to deal with the frustration of pinning me down inbetween quests, I’m more than happy to hunt with readers. You can message me at Occisor or Capcom ID NAUR72. Fair warning though, I’ll be scarce for the next couple of days. Sunday I’ll be right back online hunting it up.

While we gorge on the awesomeness that is Monster Hunter for the next few weeks, take a peek at more of the epic win that Rockstar is cooking up for us in May.




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