August 20, 2004 by Tim

I have a couple of notes to make about the books (won’t we all be happy when I can stop talking about this damned book every news post? I know I will).

First of all, international orders are proceeding well. I’ve got my fingers crossed to have them all shipped by next weekend. Can I do it? Only time will tell.

More importantly, however, involves the book and its availability in stores. As some of you know, the book was available in Previews magazine, via Diamond Comics Distribution. The book was also planned to be in stores this fall. This is no longer the case.

I have pulled the book from previews and from Diamond due to unhappiness on my part with the original arrangement. The book is not going to be available in stores any time soon.

It is possible that sometime in the future I will resubmit the book to Diamond, but most likely that won’t happen until after Volume 2 is out.

I apologize if this inconveniances anyone who had planned to buy the book in stores. As of current, the book will only be available online directly through me.

And on that note, the book will be back up for sale in a few weeks, after I’ve shipped all current orders and taken a vacation.

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