February 19, 2007 by Tim

I want to thank everyone who came by to see me at Megacon on Friday and Saturday. It was really great meeting all of you, especially Saturday it was like a non-stop stream of people. I was a little bit hard to find this year, it slipped my mind to post the number of the table I would be at. It was in the program book, but I didn’t bring a lot of signage to identify my table. And on Saturday, after I had sold out of almost everything, it was even harder to spot my table. So I apologize if you missed me.

But sweet Biomechanically-Augmented Robot Christ, I am travel cursed. I’m sure you remember my retelling of my trip to Vancouver a couple of weeks ago. Well, Thursday I was supposed to be traveling for four hours, from New Haven to Orlando. An hour down to Philadelphia, an hour layover, then two hours to Orlando.

Well, the flight out of New Haven was delayed an hour, eating up my layover time to within a few minutes. We landed at 1:45pm, my flight was supposed to leave at 1:55pm. Of course, when we land in Philadelphia, I’m at concourse F, and my departing flight is out of concourse A, which could not possibly be farther away. I had to take a shuttle, which I had to wait ten minutes for. Then it drops me at gate A1, and my flight is leaving from A23. At this point it’s 2:05pm, and I’m positive I missed my flight, but I hustle to the gate anyway.

I get there, and sure enough, no plane outside. Then I realize, by looking at the screens, that the flight has been delayed until 3:30pm. What luck, right? I was pretty happy. So I went and got a slice of pizza and relaxed.

Around 3pm, they came on the loudspeaker and told us they had a plane for us, but no crew to fly it. Apparently the crew scheduled to land in Philadelphia for this flight was ordered by the FAA just to keep flying to another airport, due to the ice/weather. So they informed us that a backup crew had been called in, but they have an hour and a half to respond. So now we’re looking at like a 5pm departure.

Another hour and a half passes, and they inform us that the backup crew that was called is actually coming down from Boston, so they need to jump on a flight there, which will get them in around 6ish, and we’ll be leaving shortly after that.

Then we find out that the flight from Boston that the crew is on has also been delayed.

To shorten this up a bit, it’s 9pm by the time we crew has arrived and we board the plane. Then we taxi around the runways for an hour. Some of us are starting to wonder if we’re driving to Florida, when the Captain comes on and informs us of a computer glitch that won’t let them report some data concerning how the weight in the cargo bays is distributed, and we can’t take off without it.

We finally get off the ground, and I get to my hotel at about 1am Friday morning.

Friday night, Stupid McJerkface doesn’t do anything to stop us from going to see Ghost Rider, and so we have to sit through that for two hours. I thought that movie was just awful. I don’t think I’m ever going to recover.

So go ahead, laugh at my pain.

Anyway, again, thank you to everyone who came by the table this weekend. You made all the travel crap worthwhile. I guess it was also tolerable hanging out with Brian and Zack for the weekend. And Allan and Hubert too.

Some of the guys from Red vs. Blue stopped by my table on Saturday. I didn’t even realize they were at the convention, so that was a cool surprise, and they were super nice. Check out their stuff, if you haven’t (which I find very hard to believe).

I also saw Jamie Bamber (Lee Adama from Battlestar Galactica), Lou Ferrigno said hi to us as he walked by our table, and I exchanged nods with Efren
Ramirez (Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite) as we passed eachother in the hall. It was pretty neat.

Wow, ok, so Digital Overload is only eighteen days away. Damn.

First of all, registration closes on Wednesday the 21st of February. We don’t accept registrations at the door, so this is your last chance.

Note: If you have paid via PayPal, but do not see your name listed on the Users List, please check the email account associated with your PayPal address for emails from me, or shoot me an email.

We’ll probably offer a 3-day Spectator pass at the door for $20, if you’d like to bring friends. Spectators will not be allowed to bring anything in to the event, or participate in any of the games/tournaments, but it will allow you to hang out in the convention hall with the other attendees.

Also, the volunteer form is now online, if you’re registered and paid, and would like to help us out running the event. We need volunteers for security, registration, and definitely running the tournaments.

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