It begins again

January 7, 2004 by Tim

And that time of the year approaches once again. You didn’t think I’d forget about it, did you?

This is going to be a busy month for me. I’ve got a big move coming up in a few weeks. It’s a big life change, and it’s one that I’m excited about. But I’ll admit that it also makes me a little bit nervous.

For the last four months, thanks to your consistent support, I’ve been able to make a living from this comic strip, something that I love. It’s a dream come true. This move and this new apartment is going to be a real test to that dream.

That being said, if you were considering donating in support of Ctrl+Alt+Del, now would be an excellent time to do so. There are a lot of expenses involved with a move like this. Just the rental of the truck and gas alone is going to cost me about $900.

So, with the server fees for this month already taken care of, I’m going to dedicate all of January’s donations towards cushioning the financial weight of this move. And for the first time ever, I’m going to let you all see the progress of your donations towards a goal.

Do I expect to reach the goal? Not really. It would be nice, but in reality, any amount of money will help put a dent in the expenses. Nobody has to donate. I want to make that very clear. Even if you can only donate a dollar, it still helps.

And as always, donators will receive CAD Exclusives!, which for December and January combined will consist of a set of Ctrl+Alt+Del Desktop Icons featuring all of the characters and more, as well as a new wallpaper. This is the only time this icon set will be offered.

I’ll be leaving this progress bar up until the end of the month, and will be updating it daily.

Progress Bar

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