It can do anything

October 2, 2009 by Tim

I’m pretty psyched about The Saboteur. The videos look great, and I think that Tom French and his hair will deliver us a really fun game come December. I get the feeling that even if the game looked like crap, I’d want it anyway, just because Tom’s hair told me to. Don’t agree with me? Have you seen his hair? It’s fantastic.

It makes me wonder how wise a decision it is to even have his hair in the same video as The Saboteur footage. It’s a show stealer. You know you should be looking at the cool video game they’re making, but the hair pulls you in. It comforts you, and tells you that everything is going to be alright. It evokes the security of a long-term relationship and the thrill of a one-night-stand all at once. Tom French’s hair could cure Cancer, but it’s too busy being awesome.

And yeah, their game looks pretty cool too.

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