It lives!

April 16, 2004 by Tim

So originally I had an entirely different comic ready to go for today, and then Interplay goes and announces something like this. Now obviously I can’t let that slip quietly by, especially after the big fuss I made a few weeks back. So straight back to the drawing table I went, literally.

So yeah, I’m pretty psyched about this news. I had all but given up on Fallout 3. From the sounds of it, the game development may be outsourced to an external company. Here’s to hoping that can do as good a job as Black Isle did.

So, now that Cryptic has lifted the NDA, I can finally talk a bit about the City of Heroes beta test. It’s an incredible game. A wonderfully refreshing change of pace from other MMORPG’s.

Hell, they even allow you to jump, unlike some other competitors. Actually, scratch that. Not only do they let you jump, they let you super jump buildings in a single bound, run at the speed of a steaming locomotive, and even fly, if you so choose. I’d like to go a bit more in-depth about the game, so perhaps I’ll do that later on, after I’ve had some sleep.

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