It would be a wonderful couple of hours

September 14, 2009 by Tim

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 drops this week. Loved X-Men Legends and the first MUA, so I’m looking forward to sitting down with some MUA2 co-op in the coming weeks. It’s a new developer at the helm, so I’m expecting a short adjustment period, but everything I’ve seen of the title so far points to lots of fun to be had.

I swung by their official forums a couple of days ago to check out the pre-release excitement for shits and giggles. To my surprise, the forum is chock-full of whiners and complainers (yes, I know I just described every forum on the planet) and the game isn’t even out yet! (Yes, I know some people get their copies early)

I don’t know, as long as we can fight villains and blow shit up using a team of super-heroes, I think I’ll be satisfied regardless of whatever little nitpicks people have decided are on this week’s “end-of-the-world, I’m-cancelling-my-preorder” menu.

One of the common complaints seems to be that the “fusion powers” (where you can combine two heroes’ powers together in a super attack) aren’t all that varied. To be honest though, I was sort of expecting that from the start. They were advertising “250 fusion attacks” in the game, and there was no way there were going to be 250 completely unique attacks. I mean, some of these heroes just don’t have a lot of versatility to offer a fusion. The Juggernaut, for instance. He can run over some shit or, well… run over some shit.

Scribblenauts is out this week too, and I’m on the fence with this one. Don’t get me wrong, the game sounds fantastic, and I have no doubts that I’d enjoy it… but at the same time I know I’d buy it, play it for a couple of days, and then probably never touch it again. I’m not a portable-gaming kind of person, I’ve learned this about myself.

I will admit to an overwhelming curiosity of how the final product measures up to the concept. The desire to put the game’s veritable word-vault to the test and see what sorts of wild combinations the game will really let you concoct is almost justification enough for the purchase, however short-lived.

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