April 26, 2004 by Tim

Well, I pulled a fourteen-hour straight run in City of Heroes. Hit level ten and formed the CAD super group.

If you want in, just message me. My character name is Steel Ghost, and we’re on the Justice server. It’s first come first served, after which there will be a waiting list.

I’ll be playing all tonight, but I have to get a bunch of work done first. So keep an eye out for me in-game.

I’ll be getting a website/forum up for the super group sometime shortly.

In other news, we’re getting ever closer to the date I’ll start taking pre-orders on the book. Just hang in there guys, we’re working on it.

Apparently I’m not the only one that’s been fucked around with by the DMV recently (what a suprise). I didn’t go back yet… I’m just going to wait for my birth certificate to come in the mail. Screw the DMV.

I’m surprised that not a lot of you have heard about Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Aside from Spiderman 2, that’s the movie I’m looking forward to the most this year. I think Jude Law is a wonderful actor, and the visuals in this film just look amazing. It looks like it will be really, really fun.

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