Kingdom Death 2018 Comics Part 2

January 23, 2018 by Tim

I have continued the comic highlights from our January 2018 KDM campaign. I’ve decided to put them in the Sillies archive, for easier reading/storage. You can find the series starting here.


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Yep, it was a short-lived campaign. We made a few mistakes- it was our first time hunting the Gorm, and we thought we’d just completely replace the White Lion with him.

Not knowing what we were up against, and not having some of the White Lion’s key gear really put us in a bad spot. Along with some poor luck, things started going badly, and although in true Kingdom Death fashion, the game tricked us into thinking we could succeed, we got to a point were we had to admit defeat.

The good news is: There’s always more Kingdom Death! We’ll be starting a fresh campaign this evening (Tuesday 1/23, 8:30p EST) on Twitch!

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