Last Remaining Booksets to Europe

October 20, 2018 by Tim

Okay, well, we had enough interest to move forward with getting these books to the EU. Now it’s time to see if we have enough follow-through. There is a button below to pre-order a CAD 1.0 Box set, delivered anywhere in Europe (except Russia, Israel and Turkey, more on that in a moment), for $120.

We have 34 books left, the last of these that I have to sell ever, and they are first-come first served. I will take orders for the next week, or until they are all ordered, whichever comes first. As soon as they are all ordered, I will direct the warehouse to arrange freight to the EU for distribution. This will take a while. They’ll most likely be traveling by boat, and I’ll have a better idea about travel time once they’re en route, but be aware that moving these books will take a while. You are pre-ordering in order to move these in bulk to Europe to save on shipping. You will not have your book days after you order, just FYI.

If you place an order, and we don’t end up with enough follow-through (ie, the books don’t get ordered), I will simply refund your pre-order at the end of the week. So if you want one of these, order soon.

And if you happen to live in Russia, Israel or Turkey, and you want one of these books, we CAN send one there for an additional $20 in shipping. Don’t ask me why it costs more to ship to those countries from Germany, it’s just what I was quoted by the company that will be handling the fulfillment.

So anyway… here’s that order button.

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