March 3, 2004 by Tim

So the ending to Fatal Frame 2 was decent… but when we beat it we found that we had unlocked ‘hard’ mode, and after you beat that you unlock ‘nightmare’ mode, upon beating which you get the ‘real’ ending. Oi. Still, it was a pretty good game.

As I mentioned on Monday, pre-orders for the new designs on GamerWarez will end this Saturday. They’ll still be up for sale after that, but in order to get in on the first shipment, you need to order this week.

Progress on the book is moving along, albeit slowly. It’s a larger project than I initially realized, but one that so far has been very rewarding. I think it will be a pretty nice book.

Due to the fact that I got behind in some work, and a bad case of MMORPG-itis, I’m pushing back the donation date for the February Exclusives! until March 6th. Donators are going to receive a spiffy wallpaper that will give a sneak peak at the nature of the upcoming CAD comic book. It will be like a teaser trailer of sorts.

Don’t forget, the collection book and the comic book are two different things. The comic book will be all new stuff, and Ethan and Lucas like you’ve never seen them before.

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