Legendary Showdown

May 13, 2016 by Tim

I’m told the Kickstarter for the Ctrl+Alt+Del licensed Legendary Showdown game will begin this month!

What is Legendary Showdown?! It’s a fast-paced card game where you can pit your team of characters against other people’s teams, equipped with a variety of weapons and special effects, in a battle to the death! Designed and produced by Killer Robot games, Legendary Showdown’s mechanics are easy to learn, but still provide endless combinations and strategy options. (Gameplay video here.)

Gamer’s Quest is actually the third release of Legendary Showdown, and is compatible to be mixed/played with the previous to versions (and I assume all future releases)!

LS: Gamer’s Quest entirely features characters and concepts from Ctrl+Alt+Del, and over the past few months I’ve been working with Killer Robot Games to create a ton of new artwork for the cards, updating many scenes from the history of the comic.

If the Kickstarter gets funded, you’ll be able to own your own copy of Legendary Showdown: Gamer’s Quest. There are also some really cool Kickstarter rewards, like a set of three metal coins, and a sheet of magnets you can use to create battle scenes on your fridge!

I’m told the Kickstarter is expected to launch this month, so keep an eye out for the announcement, or visit Killer Robot Games to sign up to be notified of any news!


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