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June 27, 2011 by Tim

Operation: Spider Shark is currently sitting at just over 6,000 referrals! Remember though, the referral doesn’t count unless you get to Summoner Level 5, so hit those co-op vs AI games!

Reader Zachary has set up a Facebook page for the Spider Shark campaign. He’s also suggested a great idea that I whole-heartedly agree with, and that’s offering some prizes for the people contributing to making our champion a reality!

So if we reach the 10,000 mark, and you leveled an account to Summoner Level 5 towards the effort, you’ll have a chance to win one of twenty $20 gift certificates to Splitreason or one of two cameo appearances in a Ctrl+Alt+Del comic strip.

Also, this Wednesday evening (June  29th), I’m going to be hosting a League of Legends CAD Gameday. From 5pm to 9pm EST, I’m going to be on LoL, and make a chatroom, from which we can start some casual, custom 5v5 games. If you’re new to the game, and you want to play with a bunch of other people that are just starting out, this will be the perfect opportunity to get into some LoL action. Hope to see you there!

Remember, to contribute to the campaign effort, all you have to do is

In non-League related news, I’ve been playing mostly XBLA games recently. My fiancee and I picked up Magic 2012, and we’ve been having a great time with it. We both enjoy Magic (her more than me), but it’s not always convenient to trek out to a comic shop or convention to play.

Magic 2012 offers a pretty authentic MTG experience, and the ability to quickly and easily connect to people online for games. It’s got a pretty decent campaign mode to unlock new decks, which is light on story, but offers a pretty decent challenge.

The biggest draw for us was that you can play in Two-headed giant games, with two players connecting from the same console. Both players need to have a separate XBL-enabled account if you want to play against people online, which I thought was sort of obtuse. But that it’s possible at all is a very welcome addition that lets us play as a team, as opposed to just watching eachother play.

I also absolutely loved Trenched, from the folks at Double Fine studios, though I haven’t played much of it since I’m waiting for my jerk friend to find some free time for co-op. What I have seen of it though was pretty fun, and I’m looking forward to blowing up some Tubes!

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