January 20, 2014 by Tim

I have far too many consoles hooked up to my tv right now.

It’s been nearly a decade since the last generation-swap, but I seem to recall getting a cleaner break than this. The new consoles came out, I wished a fond farewell to my old ones and boxed them up with some of my favorite games, for a rainy “nostalgia” day.

Not this time. I can’t pull my Xbox 360 off life-support, because I’m in the middle of TellTale’s episodic content (Walkind Dead Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us), which isn’t available on the XB1. To further complicate it, Dark Souls 2 will not be coming to the next-gen systems (at least not at launch, which is all that matters), I have to keep my 360 hooked up at least through April/May.

The PS3 is slightly less important… with The Last of Us come and gone, there are no more PS3-only “gotta have it” games. So I could retire that one and not miss out on any games… but for some reason they forgot to add 3D support to the PS4. Hopefully they’ll patch it in eventually, and I don’t really watch a ton of stuff in 3D… but I keep the PS3 hooked up “just in case” I get the itch to watch The Avengers in 3D or whatever.

So we’re into the new generation, and I can’t yet extricate myself from the last one. To make matters more ridiculous, I have twice the amount of consoles crammed into my entertainment center, and as we’re sitting in the middle of a dry season, just about no games to play on them. Go figure.

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