Well everything is back to normal around here after my less-than-stellar start to the week. Thanks to everyone who wrote in; glad to know I’m not the only one who has forgotten he had an external storage device plugged in, and when windows shows the partitions thought absent-mindedly to himself “hmm, why are they showing my partition twice? Oh well” *delete*.

I got just about everything back. The few things that were unrecoverable weren’t very important at all. It was a lot of work to reorganize all of those files, and I lost a day of work to the incident, but I’m thankful I didn’t lose this stuff.

Issue 7 for City of X has finally hit. I haven’t played it to any great extent, I’m still working on my character name. Evil sounding plant names aren’t the easiest fare. But I’ll let you know once I play a Mayhem Mission with my PhysX card, how it goes.

Deadwood is my favorite tv show right now. I picked up the first season a week ago, and I just got the second yesterday. I should be able to finish it before season three starts on Sunday. If you haven’t seen it (it’s on HBO), and you think a lawless, violent western with superb characters and intelligent dialogue sounds intriguing, you really should check out Deadwood.

I’m also starting Entourage, after multiple recommendations. Seems decent. Anyone want to be my entourage? I’m not rich or famous, or even all that pretty… but I make a mean veal parmigiana. Any takers?

I’m happy to report that my previous ever-so-polite correspondance to the appropriate authorities has yielded some headway. The past week it has been rainy and cool.

We’re going to do a Battlefield 2 GameDay this weekend. Some good folks are volunteering their 40-person clan server for our use. I’m thinking maybe we’ll start around 3pm EST on Saturday. I’ll hang around for a couple of hours, but I imagine they’ll let you guys keep playing straight through Sunday if you want. I’ll post server details and info mid-day on Saturday.

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