Mature sports

November 15, 2010 by Tim

EA made a big announcement that the next Fight Night iteration would be rated M for mature, the very first M rated EA sports title. I suppose that would have been a bigger “wow” for me if boxing wasn’t already one of the most violent, lethal sports around. Likely EA is going to amp up the violence and blood, which is okay, but it’s sort of like saying you’re adding more bats to a baseball game. It just sort of belongs there already.

Now, if they had told me they were putting out an M-rated baseball game… now that would have my interest piqued. Fly ball to left field, and it that runner has his eyes on third base? Have your pitcher pull out a 9mm and aim for the kneecaps. Or even better, maybe your third baseman swapped the base with a pressure-sensitive anti-personnel mine.

Or hell, why even let the other team’s batter get a hit off at all? Bribe the umpire to sneak up behind and garrote the opposing team’s heavy hitter as he squares off at the plate.

Announce that game and I’ll give you my money right now.

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